The Sculpture Stone Company

Mail Address: box 53501, 984 w. broadway, vancouver, b.c. canada V5Z 1K7

Warehouse Location (by appointment): 1000 parker st. vancouver bc

(604) 736-5201


A few of our customers web pages:

Deborah Wilson                                              Larry Osterman (turning)                      Tony Angell

Tracy Powell                                                   Denis Kleine                                         Verena Schwippert

Michael Binkley                                               Jack Richardson (turning)                      Mark Andrew

Michael Orgel                                                  Dave Haslett                                         Devin Laurence Field 

Katusha Bull                                                    Claire McArdle                                     Amy Allen

JoAnne Duby                                                   Kelly Borsheim                                     MJ Anderson

Malcolm Jolly                                                  Carole Turner                                        Ken Hall  

 Mireille Dubreuil                                             Peter Bellonci                                       Jake Bonnell

Chris Provenzano                                             Ingo Hessel                                          Lisa Svircic

David Brass                                                     Michelle Chapin                                   Tom Small

Charlotte Darling Diehl                                     Sabah Al-Dhaher                                Al Sieradski

Alexandra Morosco                                         Georg Schmerholz                               Fly Freeman

Vic Picou                                                         Morley Myers                                     Candyce Garrett

Jenny Whiteside                                               Merlin Cohen                                      Oliver Harwood

David Lee Baughan                                          Anne Civardi                                      Annie Parker

Hank Nelson                                                   Joni Mitchell                                        Lee Gass 

Stuart Jacobson                                               Betty Sager                                         Stacy Deslatte

Jason Nelson                                                   Deborah Arnold                                  Rainbow Crow Studio

Daniel Cline                                                     Paul Slipper                                        Virginia Wolf

Brian Goldbloom                                             Petronella van den Berg                      Nichole Sharpe

Aly van den Berg                                             Anya Gusakova                                  Lawler White Sculpture Studio

Angela Verlaeckt Clark



Sculpture Related Links:

North West Stone Sculptors Assn (NWSSA)     Saxe Stonecarving workshops            Canadian Snow Sculpture Team

Carving studio and sculpture center 



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