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Sculpture Stone


Price List - US Dollars - USA and International Orders


For orders shipped to Canadian customers see Price List Canadian Dollars


Select "gallery" links to see any available pictures of stone sculpture in the each stone type.


Some types of stone pictured in the gallery may be from previous years and not part of current inventory.


As there is much variation on many types of stone, pictures are meant to be a rough guide only. More pictures of rough stone and of finished carvings will be included in time. Expect those stones with strong color or pattern to also have a large amount of variety.


All carving stone in this list are regular or current stock items. Price is dollars per pound.



SOAPSTONE    Soapstone Sculpture Gallery


Emerald Green

Bright blue green




Medium to dark brown mixed with shades of green



Dark Green

Mottled dark green



Soapstone seconds Some impurities, but still good carving stone. Min. order 250 lbs   .60



CHLORITE    Chlorite Sculpture Gallery (Hardness similar to alabaster)



Similar hardness to alabaster, pure black, our most popular carving stone



Dark green Ranges from medium dark to very dark 1.00


Amber brown, semi translucent





 WONDERSTONE Pyrophyllite Sculpture Gallery  (This stone is pyrophyllite, hardness similar to alabaster)



Deep purple, some yellow streaks or spots




Lighter tan/yellow brown with other colors mixed




Light olive green, often with hints of other colors



Yellow Wave Yellow with swirls of purples and reds. Small pieces only available   1.20



ALABASTER         Alabaster Sculpture Gallery


White Crystal

White with greater amount of translucency



White Cloud White that is more opaque   1.10
Storm Cloud White/blue with brown.  Has harder areas, more challenging to carve   1.00


Interesting mixture of browns, blacks, greys and white



Boulder Alabaster

Natural boulder shapes, white, amber, brown usually with translucence



Pink / Red     .85
Orange Crystal Translucent orange Sold out



ANHYDRITE   (A harder variety of alabaster, similar to marble)   Anhydrite Sculpture Gallery 


Blue Light to medium sky blue with white or brown   .90
Azure Beautiful pure cool blue sold out


Pure bright white, opaque to very translucent



Red Bright flecks of red on brown background   .85


Cloudy blue grey and brown pattern





BRUCITE (Semi-translucent, typically a little softer than an average marble)


Amber Dark amber yellow, sometimes mixed with grey or black and other shades   .80



LIMESTONE    Limestone Sculpture Gallery


Mottled Brown

Dark and light brown mottling, some pieces with large fossils, soft.



Brown Travertine Light brown, with porosity.   .55

Purple Rust

Dark maroon, sometimes with areas of yellow




Yellow, sometimes with areas of purple




Deep maroon with bright yellow clam and snail fossils and fragments







Chrysanthemum Layered dark brown with clusters of white spots   .75
Butterscotch Layered medium brown in butterscotch colors   .75


Brick red with white veining





MARBLE       Marble Sculpture Gallery



Light yellow cream with grey-black, yellow or green veining



Rosso Levanto From deep red to bright red with steaks of white, sometimes green shades   .90

Carrara Ordinairo

Opaque white with grey veining and patterns



Carrara Bianco White with little bit more translucency, some grey or yellow veining   1.10
Carrara Statuario White to creamy with the most translucency, very little greys or yellows   1.25
Arabescato Fine grained white with strong charcoal dark lace like veined pattern   1.00
Aztec Dark brown purple with gold stripes   .90
Leopard Purples and reds   1.00
Desert  Oranges and reds   .85
Shunaya Muted lavender and purples, sometimes dark greens. Random dark patterns.   .85
Aurora Swirls of yellow greens, browns and greys   .90
Coral Grey black marble with red and/or yellow highlights with fossil coral clusters   .95
Moonstone Dark grey stone with bright yellow fossils often with crescent shape   .90


Multicolored layers of brown, green and purple.



Brown Fleuri

Layers of multicolored brown that create a interesting "fleuri" effect



Lemon Lime

Streaks and splashes of bright lemon yellow and lime green in whites and greys




Varies from dark chocolate/dark bronze sometimes almost black.




Pure dark black




Deep yellow, no visible crystal



Classic Yellow Fine grained lemon yellow to deep amber yellow.   .90
Classic Pink Fine grained pink to reddish, consistent and even color or subtle pattern   .90

Cloudy Pink

Light to medium pink with green and other shades



Ice Blue

Deep blue crystalline marble, with shades of lighter blue or white



Astra Black

Beautiful patterns of crystallized white on a black background




Rust reds, green, grey and white all mixed with small black flecks



Black Lightning

Pure black with white veins




Various shades of light pink sometimes with white or grey




Dark orange



Orange Tiger

Very deep orange with black stripes







Green Serpentine

Various patterns of dark greens, marble hardness




Amazing dark amethyst purple with crystals that sparkle in the light



Allegra Serpentine

Striking patterns in an incredible variety of browns, blacks, reds and greens





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