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Placing an Order for Sculpture Stone


About Our Carving Stone

Because we devote a large effort to exploration we are different from most other stone suppliers:

Purchasing Sculpture Stone at Our Warehouse

All are welcome to visit our warehouse located in Vancouver by appointment.  The best times for a visit are usually Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon. To visit the warehouse contact us by email or by telephone to set up an appointment. It is best to give us a few days notice before you plan to come, if possible.


Having Sculpture Stone Sent to You

We will ship stone anywhere in the world. If you would like to place an order we suggest that you send us detailed information by email (stone of interest, sizes, shapes, quantity you need, when you need it, etc)  with your telephone number, or contact us directly by telephone. For those who send an email, after we have a chance to look at your information we will follow up and confirm details by telephone.


Stone Availability

All of the carving stones on our list are current or regular stock items and are usually in stock. Some items may not be replaced when stock runs out and items that are regular stock may occasionally be out of stock until we can return to the quarry again. 


Smaller Order

Usually we do not send out orders by any method that requires packing in boxes (mail, courier, bus) as our preferred method is to ship by pallet. If we decide to take a small order it is subject to a $15 handling charge. 


Packaging and delivery

Delivery is to the trucking company's warehouse nearest to you or to a commercial location of your choice. A commercial location should have the appearance of a regular business and the truck should be able to show up any time during regular business hours.  Most commercial locations should have unloading facilities (forklift or loading dock) but if not there will be additional charges for a power tailgate. If you do not have a commercial location available, consider asking a company near to your location to accept delivery in exchange for a small fee, or you can have the trucking company do home delivery for an additional fee. 


Trucking Costs

When shipping by truck company on a pallet there is a minimum rate. Depending on where the shipment is sent to the minimum charge may allow up to 500 pounds to be put onto a pallet without the price increasing.. Above this weight the rate per pound will generally decrease progressively at 1000, 2000, 5000 pounds, etc.


Shipping costs to international destinations

Shipping costs port to port are often much cheaper than trucking costs even within the same country. Please contact us regarding rates to a specific country.


Combined shipping of orders

We ship stone to anywhere and everywhere so occasionally we can combine orders to help reduce costs for shipping. This is dependent on having another customer in the same region that wants to place an order in the same time frame and who is willing to share shipping. Let us know as far in advance as possible and we will notify you if we receive an order from another customer in the same area.


Size, Shape of Ordered Stone

Most stone is rough quarried, some stones may be available in rough cut block shapes. We will match your desired shape and size of stone to the best of our ability at no additional charge depending on what is available in stock. Currently we do not have the equipment to cut slabs or blocks on request, but may do this in the future for an additional charge. Maximum size of stone available is same as maximum size that is available at the quarry which ranges from less than 100 pounds for some stones to  1000's of pounds for others. 


Ordering a variety of stones

We will include as many different types of stones as you like in one order at no additional cost.


Quantity/large  block discounts

We will give quantity discounts. Currently 10% for orders over 1000 pounds excluding sale or clearance priced products. Above that please inquire.


Cross border purchases when customer picks up with their personal vehicle

Up to $2000 of stone can be purchased and taken across the border without the use of a customs broker. All stone quarried in Canada is duty free when taken into the US.


Payment Policy

Payment in advance by check or money order. At this point in time we cannot accept credit cards.


Still not sure? Have more questions? Please ask!


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