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Placing an Order for Stone Carving Tools


About Our Sculpture Tools

In addition the tools we list as regular items we also sometimes have unique items available. We may be able to bring in an item that is not listed on our website. If you don't see it then please ask.


Purchasing Tools at Our Warehouse

All are welcome to visit our warehouse located in Vancouver by appointment.  We do not keep many tools at the warehouse. Please notify which tools are of interest when making an appointment.


Having Sculpture Tools Sent to You

We will ship anywhere in the world. If you would like to place an order we suggest that you send us detailed information by email (products of interest, sizes, shapes, quantity needed, when you need it, etc)  with your telephone number, or contact us directly by telephone. For those who send an email, after we have a chance to look at your information we will follow up and confirm details by telephone.


Availability of Items

All of the tools on our list are current or most common stock items. If we do not have the item in stock at the time of ordering we will give the customer the option to cancel that item or to wait until we receive our next stock.


Shipping and Handling

Tools will be sent cheapest method possible, typically by regular mail or by courier if faster delivery is required. Some tool orders may be shipped together with a stone order.  Customers will be notified of any charges for shipping. There is a handling and packaging fee of $10 US/$15 CDN for all tool orders under $100 or when the combined tool/stone does not exceed either $100 or 100 pounds.


Quantity Discounts

For similar items that are sold individually we will give a discount for the purchase of the complete set. This set price is usually listed on our price list. Any order combined with a stone order of 1000 pounds receives 10% discount off the price of the stone and the tools.


Cross Border Purchases

Up to $2000 of stone or tools can be purchased and taken across the border without the use of a customs broker.


Payment Policy

Payment in advance by check or money order. At this point in time we cannot accept credit cards.


Still not sure? Have more questions? Please ask!


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